Vera’s Story

Mastering Contact Lenses with Ease: Vera’s and Her Mom’s Journey

Vera used to wear glasses, but her vision kept getting worse, leading to yet another new pair as her prescription changed. When she first heard about MiSight® 1 day at age 9, Vera was excited, but also a little nervous about the idea of contact lenses.

But practice makes perfect, and in sync with what’s typical with kids and contacts,*1,2 Vera was able to master contact lens wear in about a week.

Vera’s mom, a high myope since childhood, gave her daughter some contact lens pointers along the way, including application tips and the necessity of hand washing before handling the lenses.

“I know that she’s not going to have the level of vision change that I had as a child, and I know that she's extremely comfortable,” Vera’s mom says. “I's given her a lot of confidence that she feels like she's taking charge of her eye health, and I think it's really helped her feel more independent and more grown up.”